Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

This 3-hour icewalk adventure leads you deep inside the canyon along its icy floor. Explore Maligne's rocky maze of sculptures, ice caves and fossils, along with spectacular waterfalls naturally frozen in time.

Jasper Maligne Canyon Ice Walk
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Maligne Canyon's Thundering Falls Turn To Ice

Witness Maligne Canyon's dramatic changes as winter reshapes the thundering waterfalls to sculptured ice.

Jasper Maligne Canyon Ice Walk
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Icicles Inside Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Jasper Maligne Canyon Ice Walk Tickets.

Icicles Inside Maligne Canyon Ice Walk
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Icicles Inside Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Maligne Canyon Ice Walk takes place in winter when maligne canyon is transformed into a winter wonderland.

Frozen Waterfalls

The waterfalls within Maligne Canyon freeze during the winter, creating impressive ice formations. These frozen waterfalls provide a unique and beautiful backdrop for the ice walk.

Ice Walk's Ice Sculptures

The flowing water and freezing temperatures contribute to the creation of intricate ice sculptures along the canyon walls. These natural formations can be quite stunning, showcasing the beauty of nature's artistry.

Narrow Gorges

Maligne canyon itself is a narrow gorge, and during winter, the frozen riverbed becomes a path for visitors. Walking through the canyon allows participants to experience the towering walls of ice on either side, creating a surreal and picturesque environment.

Maligne Canyon Ice Walk Guided Tours

Visitors often take guided tours led by experienced guides who are familiar with the terrain and safety precautions. These guides can provide insights into the geological history of the area and share interesting facts about the formations within the canyon.

Winter Wildlife

Depending on the time of day and luck, participants might also have the opportunity to spot winter wildlife such as bighorn sheep, elk, or other animals that inhabit the region.

Ice Walk Winter Gear

Given the cold temperatures and maligne canyon's icy conditions, participants are usually required to wear appropriate winter gear, including ice cleats for traction on the icy surfaces.

Maligne Canyon's Ice Walk is a seasonal activity and is weather-dependent. Safety is a priority, so visitors should always follow the guidance of their ice walk guides and adhere to any rules or recommendations provided by the park authorities.

Inside Jasper's Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Jasper Maligne Canyon Ice Walk Map

A Few Minutes from Jasper.

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