Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

This 3-hour icewalk adventure leads you deep inside the canyon along its icy floor. Explore Maligne's rocky maze of sculptures, ice caves and fossils, along with spectacular waterfalls naturally frozen in time.

Jasper Maligne Canyon Ice Walk
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Maligne Canyon's Thundering Falls Turn To Ice

Witness Maligne Canyon's dramatic changes as winter reshapes the thundering waterfalls to sculptured ice.

Jasper Maligne Canyon Ice Walk
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View Frozen Waterfalls Inside Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Jasper Maligne Canyon Ice Walk Tickets.

View Frozen Water Falls Inside Maligne Canyon Ice Walk
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View Frozen Waterfalls Inside Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Viewing frozen waterfalls inside Maligne Canyon during an ice walk is a breathtaking experience.

Maligne Canyon's Frozen Beauty

Maligne Canyon's frozen waterfalls create a stunning and otherworldly landscape. The flowing water during warmer months transforms into intricate ice formations during winter, providing a unique and visually striking scene.

Maligne Canyon Ice Walk Guided Tours

Most people join guided tours led by experienced ice walk guides who are knowledgeable about the canyon's features and safety considerations. Guides can enhance the experience by sharing information about the geological history of the canyon and pointing out interesting formations.

Walkways and Bridges in Maligne Canyon

The ice walk often follows established pathways and bridges that allow you to navigate safely along and across the frozen waterfalls. These paths are chosen to provide the best views and ensure the safety of participants.

Close-Up Encounters with Frozen Waterfalls

Guided tours typically take you close to the frozen waterfalls, allowing you to appreciate the details of the ice formations. Some tours may even take you behind the frozen curtains, offering a unique perspective.

Photography Opportunities on the Ice Walk

The ice walk presents numerous opportunities for photography. You can capture the glistening ice, the play of light on the frozen surfaces, and the overall winter wonderland that Maligne Canyon becomes during the colder months.

Maligne Canyon's Ice Caves

Depending on the specific conditions and the year, you might encounter ice caves or other interesting ice features along the way. These add an extra element of wonder to the experience.

Natural Surroundings in Maligne Canyon

In addition to the frozen waterfalls, take in the beauty of the surrounding snow-covered landscape and the towering canyon walls. The combination of ice and snow creates a serene and magical atmosphere.

Remember to dress warmly, wear appropriate winter gear, and follow the guidance of your ice walk guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while viewing the frozen waterfalls inside Maligne Canyon.

Inside Jasper's Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Jasper Maligne Canyon Ice Walk Map

A Few Minutes from Jasper.

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